About Trejo's Spirits

Danny Trejo's new line of non-alcoholic spirits, called Trejo's Spirits, aims to provide a variety of options for those looking for a non-alcoholic drink. The line is being launched with a Zero Proof non-alcoholic blanco tequila, which will be followed with new additions including a mezcal, London gin, dark rum and american whiskey. Trejo has emphasized that his line is not just for those in recovery but for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious and healthy drink without alcohol. He hopes that his line will encourage people to make healthier choices and recognize that sobriety is a viable and rewarding lifestyle choice. Through his new line of non-alcoholic spirits, Trejo hopes to spread his message of positivity and healthy living while providing a tasty alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks.

Why Trejo's Spirits?

Health and wellness trends have made people more conscious of the negative effects of alcohol on the body, leading to an increased demand for non-alcoholic alternatives. The sober-curious movement
has gained popularity, with more people choosing to abstain from alcohol or reduce their consumption. Non-alcoholic spirits
offer the same complex and interesting flavors as alcoholic drinks, without the hangover or other negative effects. Many people enjoy the social aspect of drinking but want to avoid alcohol for various reasons, such as religious or health reasons.

Tasting Notes

The Trejo’s Spirits Zero Proof Tequila exhibits a bouquet of earthy agave notes, with hints of citrus and subtle floral undertones. The finish is crisp and clean, leaving a gentle warmth that fades gracefully, while the agave essence remains present throughout.

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